Monday, 19 December 2011

Last DAY means Crying DAY :(

Assalamualaikum , Hello , Konichiwa ,
How are u my only diary..
For the stalkerss..
hope u all in the pink of health juz like me..
long time no updating my blog..
kind of busy lately..
but no worries.
still remember of u all..

now what ?
back to the title..
last day work :(
gave me a very meaningful day..
seperated with new fren .
leave all 1 month work behind us..
look fowards that is ur future..
all of that gave me such a big impact of myself..
no matter what work did I did..
but with who we work was the main point actually..

how excited we're told the story to u..
owez must have a prove...
but for u all..
I'll serve u many provess...
my pleasure ~

kak hawa , fifiey , era and lastly it's me...
it's sweet isnt't ????

we're owez have our smile with us :D

how about dis ?

trip ayu sometimes xpa kann ?

look gorgeous @#$%&*
haha .

*our car *
haha .
juz kunun ok !

peace no war !
actually mmg no war ponn..
haha .

my thumb's up..
what happen to my face..
hoho ...horrible face :P

juz nice right..
loved dis picture :D

start with crazy pictures....
no comment about dis......
juz watch ;P

what do you think about all the pictures above..
nice , sweet isn't ?

Last but not least from me..
I love all my fren..
whether their old or new fren..
it's juz same ..
that we're called FREIND .

that's all for today..
bye mmmuaahhhxx

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